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"I was encapsulated by the catchiness of the song writing, coupled with some of the real punchy guitar licks that come across. It's really pleasing to listen to."

Tom Simkins – BBC Introducing



“The Hot Lights have a vibrant guitar led sound evoking the world of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub and The Posies. The band actually hail from Cambridge but it’s an American heritage that predominates the five songs on this debut EP. Every upbeat song is a toe-tapper with the sweet ballad of ‘Mistakes’ snuck into the middle of the EP. Fingers crossed this will end up a nice companion to a long hot summer!”

The Rock Club UK



“With a relaxed and very charismatic front man and many supporters in the audience the rocking set rolled along with energy”

Thomas Talibudeen, Cambridge Music Reviews



“The Hot Lights produce such classy and catchy hooks that once tracks like ‘When It Comes To You’ end it feels like much too soon. I could compare them to early Beatles / Radiohead – oh shit I just did – but it’s lazy to make such comparisons so what I will say is they’re not afraid to keep it simple. They have the ability to hear and focus on each note one another is playing, executing a precise, effortless sound”

Jordon Worland, Slate The Disco



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